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Wireless networks are extremely common these days. It actually common the unsecured wifi networks. May be the wireless people are lazy or not very much aware about wireless security, which often hackers found easier along with free way to use individuals unsecured wireless networks attached to get free internet intended for themselves.

The basic thing involving vulnerability related to wireless marketing networks are the method it make usage of to encrypt the wifi username and password. There are few different types of encryption in wifi networks.

WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacy

  • Its breakable even if it has designed correctly

  • Can be broken within within like 3 minutes approximately

WPA or WPA2: Wi fi Protected Access

  • This security type is reated to supply stronger security

  • But it continues to be able to be cracked if they are utilizing a short hack wifi password.

  • If a consumer is using a long passphrase or even password, these protocol tend to be uncrackable.

  • If you really know what your own doing, even with good security passwords or phrases, wireless marketing networks can be hacked and here is how…….

When a wireless networking user uses internet that they generate data “packets”.
All these data packets are sent between the wireless NIC credit and the wireless access place using radio waves every time the computer/device is linked with the access point.

It might create a certain number of packages per day, depending on how long the user utilizes thier computer with web.
When more users tend to be connected to one access stage, the more data packets tend to be generated.


You have to find the wireless signal

This really is done by using “View Accessible Wireless Network”

More helpful tools are Kismet as well as NetStumbler. Kismet has a much better way because it can capture wireless signals that are not transmission their SSID.


After getting located a wifi networking you can always connect to that networking if it is not using authentication or encryption.
If it is applying encryption or authentication then you definately have to use a wifi hacker software, specially made for these kind of work.


As soon as Wireless Hacker software has restored enough packets it will get started reading the captured details gathered from the data packages and crack the key providing you access.

Protect Your Wi-fi compatability Network from Getting Hacked

Set up your network, never to broadcast your SSID. This could be done during the setup in the wireless router.
You have to hange the default router logon to something else.
If the products you're using supports that, always use WPA or WPA 2 because it gives you far better encryption which is still may be broken but much tougher.
Always make sure to check for changes to your wifi router.
Make sure you turn off your router if you are not using it.

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